Soul Focus: In-Person and Online Spiritual Care


Have you been feeling like you need to talk with someone, but therapy doesn't feel like the right avenue right now? Frustrated with your interior life? Have you been craving someone to listen intently... someone who is focused on you and the activity of God? 


"Soul Focus" is provided at Tree by Water. Laura meets with individuals online, so vicinity is not a factor when it comes to finding the right fit.  This time is purposefully and prayerfully spent working together with the common goal of soul attunement  with God. This is done through processing questions, challenges, emotions, Scripture, and prayer.  The time is designed to help focus on areas for rest, renewal, and growth. 


There are many  who crave individual attention to focus on the most important aspects of their life: soul, spirit, relationships, challenges, pain, grief, and the activity of God in your life.  


If you are interested in spiritual direction, but don't know what you would talk about, I have some questions that will help you process.  

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Laura offers spiritual direction in person or online.  The cost is $50 for a 50-60 minute session. You can arrange payment and submit information for scheduling a session here. 

If you would like to sponsor a friend or someone in ministry, you can donate here or contact Laura here for information.