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It is good to follow one’s own bent, so long as it leads upward.
— Andre Gide

What will it take for you to live out of your true self?

“Original- a True Self Journey” has been a long time coming. For years I fought for freedom in my mind and heart. I, like many of you, struggled to know and value how God created me. Yet even in my years of self-doubt of how God made me and endless sabotage of what I felt led to do, there was something inside of me that kept me going. It was an arduous journey to freedom. I read a lot of books. I met with mentors and spiritual directors and counselors. I journaled and I wondered if I would ever get rid of the crippling anxiety and hopelessness that I would ever feel comfortable in my own skin.

I know I am not the only one. I believe there are many people living with the chains of shame and fear.

This 4 month journey is designed to help you break free from the false self patterns that hold you back from joy, love, and connection with God, others, and even your own self. This journey pairs truth from the fields of theology and psychology to help us grow.

This journey is NOT only about our joy and fulfillment. When we aren’t living our life as God made us to be, we jeopardize our mission and ability to pursue our purpose. It isn’t just about us. It’s also about the work we are meant to do for the benefit of others.

This journey IS about finding freedom, joy, peace to be you. This journey is about centering our love and attention on God and who He has made us to be.

Four months isn’t long enough to shed our false self and live 100% in our true self. We will get to that place in the new heaven and the new earth.

However, my hope is that in 4 months you will:

  • live in less fear and more freedom.

  • live in confidence in how God has wired you.

  • live in less bondage to your wounds.

  • identify the core lies and shame that causes you disconnection and dysfunction.


Original is a season of self reflection and pausing to look inside, at your heart, soul, motivations, actions, triggers.

What’s included?

2 Options

Individual Journey 

  • 4 Months- January to April 2020

  • Weekly Material

  • Book or Other Resource Suggestions

  • Weekly Exercises to go with each weekly lesson

  • 1 hour Monthly Spiritual Direction (video or in-person) with Laura

  • Optional Retreat (Additional cost)

  • Monthly Cost: $100

Small Group Journey

  • 4 Months - January to April 2020

  • Weekly Material

  • Book or Other Resource Suggestions

  • Weekly Exercises to to with each lesson

  • Optional Retreat (Additional Cost)

  • 1 x a Month Small Group Spiritual Direction (1.5 -2 hours long, 3-4 women).

  • Video Groups - Sunday night 7:30-9:30 CST or Monday nights 6-8 CST (Most likely, unless there are other times that work better).

  • In-Person Groups - 2 Friday Groups are now forming!!! If you would like to gather 3 or more friends, we could choose a time together.

  • Monthly Cost: $50

If what I am talking about is ringing true, consider joining us as we journey together.


Here are some indicators that this COULD BE for you:

  • You feel a bit stuck

  • You struggle with how you view yourself

  • You find yourself not pursuing what you want deep inside

  • You want to grow in your understanding of yourself because the lack of understanding is keeping you from your life purpose

  • You are ready to go deeper

  • You have a measure of insight into yourself and are ready to be super, duper honest

  • You are a Christian (or are open to a program with Scripture)

Here are some indicators that this MIGHT NOT be for you:

  • You have tender and unprocessed wounds that make inner work difficult. If this is true, you may want to consider this for the future.

  • You think that looking inward is selfish and unholy. (I disagree with this, but there are some people whose beliefs don’t fit with this program).

  • You are not very self aware and have a difficult time distinguishing between your thoughts and feelings and other people’s thoughts and feelings.

  • You don’t want to be involved in something that involves Scripture/Christian content.

Applications will be accepted in November and December 2019 for the January - April 2020 Original Journey.

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