Tree by Water: What We Offer

Here at Tree by Water, Laura believes that the health of our souls and families comes before ministry output.  As a pastor, the health of our spirit should not be sidelined until we have time.  We all know the time does not come until we intentionally make space for growth and healing.  

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"Soul Focus:" Online Spiritual Care 

These stand-alone individual sessions are conducted online.  They are scheduled at your convenience... once a month, twice a month, once a year... You come with the focus, or topic, challenge and together, you and Laura discuss and discern the activity of God.  After starting with a short period of silence, you talk. Laura listens.  In the time, Laura will ask questions, process, make observations, pray. Together you may discuss Scripture or talk about your thought life.  No person or session is the same. 

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Sabbatical Rest Program


If you find yourself wanting...needing a sabbatical, this is the program for you. Laura will walk with you as you plan, prepare, and walk your sabbatical journey. Through twice monthly online sessions, resources, and email check-ins from Laura, you will have someone to encourage, affirm, and challenge you to get the most out of your time. 

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Laura organizes and leads retreats in Wisconsin.  You can learn more about

  • what retreats are available
  • information for bringing Laura to your retreat
  • what others have said about past retreats