If you are like me, you are looking to live a life that is true to who God made you. You want to love God, love your family, and seerve from a place of wholeness... and you know that this kind of life doesn't just happen.  It takes intentionality and focus.

Sometimes, you need someone to walk alongside you.  That is what I do. I help people live rooted in God and true to themselves.


You want to live 

- A peaceful rhythm 

- Connected to God, yourself, and those you love

- A life with meaning and purpose


And you DON'T want to live

-The life of others' expectations

-Frantic and overscheduled

-Empty and depleted


You want to find the way of living that brings peace to your soul. 


For most of us, this doesn't just happen, though, does it? 


It didn't for me.


I lived many years in ministry trying to meet other's expectations. Rather than living out of how God wired me, I lived according to what I thought everyone needed from me. And that landed me in a place where I was depleted. 


Through years of intentional healing, I looked around me and realized that I was not the only one. There are many pastors' wives looking for peace in their lives, purpose in their work, and harmony in their family. 


I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 16 years. And when I learned more about spiritual direction, silence, and solitude, I became a Certified Spiritual Director through Christos Center. I am thankful for the education I have had at Southeastern University and Fuller Theological Seminary. 


My husband, Adam, is the Lead Pastor at Pathways Church and we have two crazily and gloriously different daughters, Grace and Ella. I love hiking, wearing tennis shoes, and simple beauty in life. Good food and great friends make me happy. 


I started Tree by Water to create a space, online or in person, for poeple to grow and heal. 


We do several things around here:

1. Online Programs

  •  "Soul Focus"- Soul Focus is a monthly spiritual direction session. This is my favorite thing to do! It is completely individualized to taylor the stage, needs, and growth opportunities for each individual. Check it out here! If you would like to get information on a free 30 minute session (no obligation to continue!), click here
  •  "Sabbatical Rest Program" (soon to come!) - This program is designed to have guidance and spiritual direction as you take your sabbatical. This also is a great option for those of you who can't take a full sabbatical, but you feel led to step back from some obligations to focus on a time of growth, healing, or increased intimacy with God. 

2. Retreats

  • I conducts retreats in Wisconsin.  I am also available to come and lead a retreat for a group that you organize. Check out retreats here!

3. Writing  

  • "Desperate Rest" will be available soon. This book about sabbaticals is an account of my sabbatical and a guide for yours.
  • Tree by Water Blog can be found here.  A few of the most read blogs are "Answering a Different Question," and the "Spiritual Disciplines" Blog series, which has 5 parts. You can check the 1st part out here.


  • In person therapy information can be found here.  


    If you want to stay up-to-date on what is happening, sign up for the Email List Here or below!


    Love and Peace,


    What Others Say About Laura

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    There are a limited of number human beings whom I have seen be so attentive to the activity of God in their lives. Laura is one of those human beings. God has drilled deep, life-giving wells in her soul. I would strongly encourage any Ministry or Pastor’s wife to engage with the vision that God has given Laura. It is my privilege to call Laura my wife, my best friend, and my spiritual companion!
    — Adam Demetrician, Laura's husband
    Laura’s integrity, authenticity, wisdom, and spiritual hunger is contagious. She passionately cares for the health of the ministry family. Pastor’s wives, a season with Laura will equip you for a lifetime of healthy patterns.
    — Alicia Britt Chole, mentor, writer, speaker, and wisdom giver
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    Laura has a unique gift to influence people. She has developed a deep understanding of what people need. Through study, spiritual growth, and her own “hard knocks” there isn’t much she can’t handle. Laura has been a big influence in my own life, and I find her honesty to be a breath of fresh air in a world of smoggy situations.
    — Tony Miltenberger, friend and Pastor of Centerville United Methodist Church
    Laura has been a wonderful help. I feel safe, but also like I am talking to a best friend. She genuinely cares about me and has consistently given godly counsel. It has been a blessing to meet with her, and have a place to process my thoughts and emotions.
    — J., client and and spiritual directee for 2 years
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    Laura’s patience and discernment creates an environment for the presence of God to reveal truth and her encouraging insight challenges me to be more wholly my true self. She turns what is the hard work of vulnerability into a refreshing space with her humor and inviting presence.
    — A., spiritual directee for 2 years