Lost or Uncertain?

This past week, Adam, our daughters, and I had a wonderful vacation exploring Door County here in Wisconsin.  One of the mornings, I started in on a goal that I made 8 months ago when we knew we were moving to Wisconsin.  I want to hike the Ice Age Trail.  Since this trail is 1000+ miles long, I knew I had better get started! 


We were close to the east start of the trail in Potawatami State Park, and I asked Adam if he would drop me off for a few hours to put a few miles in. We were texting back and forth to ease his mind of my safety.  At one point he asked me when he should pick me up.  I typed “I don’t know where I am.”  He quickly returned, “You are lost?”  I replied,“No, I am on the trail, I just don’t know where.”


There is a drastic difference between being LOST and being UNCERTAIN of where you are. 


I had no idea at this point how many miles I had hiked or how many I had to go. All I knew was that the trail was clear, the yellow slash marks on the trees assured me of where to go, and that I just needed to keep walking.  There was no need to panic. Trusting in the path, enjoying where it led, and watching out for spider webs was all I needed to do.


Isn’t that like our life? 


How many years do we need to walk on this earth to know that we rarely know how far ahead a destination is?  Even though this is true, there are so many clues, signs, and signals as to if we are walking the right path. 


Scripture of course is our number one map.  Are we following God’s word? Are we allowing it to pierce our heart, transform our minds, and lead us to action?


Also, we have the Holy Spirit living in us to help us walk the path. Do we feel alignment in our souls?  Is there a peace with the decisions we are making? Do you have a bad feeling about what is around you?


Do you find yourself UNCERTAIN of where you are on the path?  Rest in each step.  Take a moment to breathe the fresh air and look at the scenery.  The Director of your steps knows right where you are!


Psalm 16:11

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.