The Inefficiency of the Seventh Year

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Our nation worships the idol of productivity and efficiency.  “Get more out of less.”  “Increased productivity- We promise!”

What we hear, deep down is “You are nothing if you cannot produce.”  “How dare you waste time? God gave you your life to use it? Be a good steward.”

How terribly sad it is that these lying voices keep us from a slow walk with our children, or fully enjoying a sunny summer afternoon, or even hearing God whisper something marvelous in our ear.

Yet God says, “but in the seventh year let the land lie unplowed and unused.”


Imagine…not intentionally producing ANYTHING in that seventh year.   No seed was to be sown.  It was to be a year of healing, cancelling debts, and even a year of giving to others.  The land would receive its Sabbath.

Sounds kind of nice to get a break from the plow… but how will we feed the kids?

Our God certainly values work.  It is a 6-1 ratio!  God made and designed us to give, to do, to overflow!  But just as we tend to move to the extremes, we ignore the rhythm designed for our wellbeing.

If you consider this for a moment, we really are extremely inefficient creatures.  We sleep roughly 1/3 of our life. Consider your cook/clean-time to eating-time ratio.  It’s not exactly the definition of efficiency!

Yet we run to efficiency like a dog to a bone.  Our fallen minds cling to the idea that we can control and receive more if we just work through that seventh day…that seventh year.  But running after the goal of increasing efficiency and productivity will never satisfy.  The 7th year completely throws out our ability to control.   We are left without our own devices to trust in our Provider.

What if we came together to proclaim the better way? What if we measured our success by our trust…communion with God…intentional living…strength in surrender?

It’s the 7th year


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