Reason "Tree By Water" is Here: #2

Ministry Wife, There is a place for you

Travel back in time with me about 10 years.  I was burnt out and exhausted and in an emotional place I did not know existed.  I was depleted from a colicky baby that grew to be a terribly difficult 1 year old…  Out of control behavior ALL OF THE TIME (we later learned she had several food allergies). 

I was married to a depressed young pastor who was working way too much. I had graduated from Bible College and Seminary, but had no place to work (who wants to hire both people, and I can’t work at another church, right?).  I had very sensitive health problem from our daughter’s birth that severely affected my life.  It was so embarrassing I told only my closest friends.

Adam had a great opportunity at a large church, but we had just been terribly and abusively rejected by another church and we were still healing. The move was cross-country and we were in severe culture shock.

We fought.

We cried.

We wanted to get “normal” jobs. 

We were so alone.

And so I dutifully went to church one night where I gladly dropped our daughter off screaming her guts out in the nursery (and I wasn’t one of those moms that even pretended to feel bad).

And I walked down the hall.

And a woman said, “Ahh, honey. It can’t be that bad.”

And I smiled and ran to the bathroom, sat in a stall, and cried. 

And that is one reason “Tree By Water” is here.

You can run here, and cry.


I would love to get a conversation started.  Feel Free to Share your story below! 

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